I’Rabbit made from a cardboard urinalve spent many years designing furnishings and home interiors on pocket money budgets and have a strong DIY work ethic. Early in my career I worked on television and film projects where I learned that the leaner the budget, the more creative and hands-on you need to be.

I’m a natural problem solver and although my designs aspire to simplicity and elegance, they usually grow out of this need to solve problems. There are probably not many people who could conjure up a last-minute lab full of rabbits out of a box of cardboard urinals (needed for a film set).

For 12 years I worked in radio production at the BBC, honing my ability to work to tight deadlines and developing sharp organisational skills.

This varied employment background combined with on-going learning in and outside the workplace has given me the confidence to realise my abilities and strong skills to back them up.

In 2013 I completed a Masters’ degree in furniture design (incorporating product design). My first degree was in fine art (sculpture). I’ve also taken many non-accredited courses including upholstery, carpentry and glass techniques. And just for fun I took the RHS certificate in horticulture course (and passed the exam).

In 2014 I gave up corporate life and moved to Bath to try and use more of my creative skills. I spent the next year as project manager, designer, builder and quartermaster, turning a much neglected Victorian terraced house into a home. It’s an on-going project.

I officially started my company, Tinker, in January 2016. My original aim was to design and make my own products and also rescue pieces of furniture in need of an overhaul but over the first year my focus changed and although I do have a few pieces I’ve worked on, I now sell a lot of wonderful vintage items in need of a new home.

This website is my portfolio. If you would like to know anything more about me, please get in touch via the Contact form.